Wednesday, September 3, 2008

insurance settlement experience

This is one of those posts you hate to put out there, but I would appreciate some feedback. A few weeks ago my X5 was stolen. I am now dealing with my insurance company on settlement. I've owned BMW's for 28 years.

Need advice for Business Insurance and Merchant Account Provider

Just starting out, and now is the time for me to get serious. I know it's imperative to have good business insurance. I have not joined any trade associations yet but just found the Society of Sports & Events photogs.

The Entrepreneurial Mind misses the point of insurance

Normally, I really like Jeff Cornwall’s posts. However, his most recent, The Elephant in the Room, comes to some erroneous conclusions regarding health care.

Snooker Betting Update; The Saga Insurance Masters with O'Sullivan ...

The snooker season gets into full swing early in the New Year as the Saga Insurance Masters gets started in the middle of January.

Vampire Insurance

My employer wants my blood. I've been assured that the bleeding will be short and merciful and that it's being done for my own good. As an incentive, I've been told that if I don't open a vein, my insurance premiums will rise.

COBRA Insurance: Health Coverage for Terminated Employees

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, more commonly know as COBRA, is a federal law that guarantees your heath insurance coverage will remain in effect for up to 18 months should you be terminated from your job.

2007: What Prospects For Life Insurance?

What do you think will be the lot of life insurance companies and their clients for this year? Experts are already saying what they believe is the true prophecy for life insurance in 2007.

Insurance Comments

Responded to a blog today from Nick M.about insurance crisis in Florida. .(AP Photo/Steve Cannon) (Steve Cannon - AP) artical from Washington post see link below.

How much, at 63, health insurance costs

Well, I looked at my first pension stub in 2007. I see that my out of pocket premium with United Health Care with a high deductible is about $194. The company's contribution (for retirees with UHC) is $529.

(IT) Insurance Business Analyst - Mid Level To Senior - City

(IT) Insurance Business Analyst - Mid Level To Senior - City Date:Wed, 03 Jan 2007 04:10:17 GMT Two new opportunities have opened up for experienced Business Analysts with strong insurance knowledge and experience.